Sunday, 12 September 2010

Model: WIP Arabian Market [001]

Here's my latest model that I'm currently building. I used the above photograph as reference. Though I used my polys efficiently, I tried not to be limited by being Lo-Poly, so this model has a higher poly than most of my models.

All of the windows, doors, pillars, walls and arches are separate objects and can duplicated to quickly move and populate other future buildings.

Commission: WIP

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've been busy with projects that are still on-going and thus can't really post as of yet. Here's a few sneak peeks just to show that I am working. (Honest)

Drawing: Sketchbook Drawings 2010

Here are a few drawings from my sketchbook drawn mainly within the first half of this year. Though I have particular comfortable style, I try to stretch this from realistic drawings to hugely stylised.

Clockwise from Top-Left:
AberRhondda - I found inspiration from the Welsh Valleys that I lived, realising that we take our surroundings for granted and have never actually drawn a piece about my hometown. I imagined a fictional Valley Town at the height of a Steam Punk Industrial Revolution.

Face Profile - This done a while back, and one of my most accomplish in drawing a realistic face.

Hands - Various quick hand poses. I particularly liked the composition of the hands, growing like a plant.

Tigers and Devils fan art - This was drawn after reading the fantastic book of the above name. A touching, intelligent love story, I found the characters so real and believable, I had to draw what I imagined the characters to be before it left my mind forever. I actually e-mailed this to the Author and he loved it.

Scientist Shack - I wanted to express a scene/environment that could tell you about the inhabitants, sort of like "through the keyhole", so I thought of an eccentric scientist, too busy with experiments and research to bother with his home, cleanliness and decor.

Drawing: Orangerie Model Sheets

Model sheets for the Orangerie Model.