Sunday, 12 September 2010

Drawing: Sketchbook Drawings 2010

Here are a few drawings from my sketchbook drawn mainly within the first half of this year. Though I have particular comfortable style, I try to stretch this from realistic drawings to hugely stylised.

Clockwise from Top-Left:
AberRhondda - I found inspiration from the Welsh Valleys that I lived, realising that we take our surroundings for granted and have never actually drawn a piece about my hometown. I imagined a fictional Valley Town at the height of a Steam Punk Industrial Revolution.

Face Profile - This done a while back, and one of my most accomplish in drawing a realistic face.

Hands - Various quick hand poses. I particularly liked the composition of the hands, growing like a plant.

Tigers and Devils fan art - This was drawn after reading the fantastic book of the above name. A touching, intelligent love story, I found the characters so real and believable, I had to draw what I imagined the characters to be before it left my mind forever. I actually e-mailed this to the Author and he loved it.

Scientist Shack - I wanted to express a scene/environment that could tell you about the inhabitants, sort of like "through the keyhole", so I thought of an eccentric scientist, too busy with experiments and research to bother with his home, cleanliness and decor.

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