Friday, 22 January 2010

Model: WIP Bermuda's Secret [001]

Apologises for the dark image, but this is what I'm currently working on. A collaboration project with Jamie Lloyd [Jamie Lloyd's Blog].

The idea was drawn from a drawing he's done, of mechanical octopods destroying ships. My side of the collaboration is to conceptualise and building the 'world' in which the octopods exist. My idea is based from the original drawing and meetings with Jamie to approve and shape the story of the world.

I imagined this unseen race of people controlling the octopods have found a energy source under an Atlantis-esque ruins, building an extraction plant on top and with the lack of natural materials, they use the octopods to not only protect their home/erngy source, but to harvest ships as building materials.


  1. Looks cool man, cool that your both working together!

    Look forward to seeing the final piece!

  2. Sweet base mesh butt! Keep up the cool