Saturday, 21 March 2009

Film: 2nd Year Major - Sports Day

This film was my Major Project for my second year of university.

It's loosely based on the Aesop fable of the Hare and the Tortoise, and I was greatly inspired by cartoons like Foster's Home of the Imaginary, Powerpuff Girls and Chibi Anime. And from my research tried to emulate a kiddy, geometric world, colourful and crayon colourings.

I came up with the idea, art concept & storyboarder and played the roles of director, main modeller and animator.

All the characters and props in the film were modelled, textured and rigged by myself, whereas all the scenes were modelled by my coursemate, Sarah Crossman and some of the shots were animated by my other coursemates, Ruth Leggett, Kim McCubbin, Darren Froggatt and Tania Vincent.

This film took around 5-6 months to complete, from intial idea to final render, and despite looking back on the film and spotting numerous mistakes, am very proud of it, being my first film, learning so many different disiplines as well as working with others, keep things organised and on schedule. It also got nominated for an internal award at my Uni, but alas, it didn't win.

All sounds were either created in the university's own sound recording studio or taken from royalty free websites such as

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