Saturday, 30 May 2009

Drawing: Landscape - Part 01

Here is the first part of landscapes that I drew in my spare time, during my second & third year of Uni. I tried to infuse a classical element them into each landscape, giving each a backstory and perhaps I'll eventually develop these drawings into full CG models.

Red Landscape: Fire, FuegoMinas
An abandoned subterranean cave where lava and water are channeled into pools and cooled to form crystal farms. The mines suffered from constant earthquakes and eruptions, hence the eventual abandonment, but many sacrifices were given during the mine's productino to appease the gods.

Yellow Landscape: Earth, Linderbloom
A steampunk Victorian metropolis, with its vertical boutiques and galleries, the Earth element being the idea of segregation and that the rich would live at the top of these 'mountains', while the poor live descendingly lower with all the pollution and less sunlight.

Green Landscape: Air, Himalayasia City
An Asian inspired city clinges onto the peaks of mountains, the remnants of a drowned world. Each of the mountains are considered districts, in turn inspired by a different East-Asian culture. In this city wind is the main source of power and lantern balloons, kites and bridges are used to tranverse the different disctricts.

Blue Landscape: Water, Aquopolis
A underwater futuristic city, where all the buildings are inspired by marine forms, the centre being the Cephalo Station, a huge squid-shaped building where all the tentacle-like glass tubes converge and spreads across the city, linking each of the buildings.

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