Saturday, 6 June 2009

Model: Major Production, Scene

The next element was my Chinese Tea Shop scene, it took around month to complete, one week modelling and three weeks to texture (1/Architecture 2/ Props and 3/Props, Normal Maps and Extras.

I found this element incredibly challenging, one not ever creating a scene before, but also because my scene had so many different elements that needed attention as well as keeping the poly count down.

Through this scene, I learned how to using tiling textures and IDs (As I've only done UV Unwrapping before) and techniques to make recurring objects look different, such as tranforms, turning them around and posing them assymetrically.

As there was so many different objects in the scene, I had make a clear plan on how to tackle this. Not only did I take poly counts into account but also theortical player paths and focal points, and plan to focus the most time on texturing up these viewpoints. I then decided to texture the architecture first, such as the walls, floors and shelves then working from largest props to smallest texture each of the props in turn (Large table/Chairs to negligble teacup). I also used CrazyBump.exe to create quick normal maps.

I loved making this scene, as it was like creating a world for others to see, a 3D painting, dressing the scene so that every corner had a story. I also learned a lot from tackling this scene, such as handling large workloads, learning what I could/couldn't get away with and continuing to enhancing my artistic skills in portraying materials and co-ordinating multiple objects that would sit well from any view. I also found it a great help having plenty of textures on hand from my recent trip in Hong Kong, taking real texture from an actual teashop and Asian temples.

Created on 3DSM.

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