Saturday, 6 June 2009

Model: Collaboration Project, Kangaroo

Within our Major Production we had to include three weeks worth of collaborative work and from previous experiences, modelling is always needed around the beginning, so I decided before starting my own work. I conduct my collaborative modelling element.

For this I had three weeks to model and texture a Kangaroo for it to be rigged, animated and compositited into existing footage.

I was within a team of three (Ruth Leggett - Rigger/Animator, Nicky Rhodes - Lighting/Compositor and Myself.) Though I've worked in a team before, I found working in a team a great experience learnnig to accomodate other people's views and restrictions, Ruth being acting leader, with constant internal deadlines and daily feedbacks really helped the team move forward and would be pleasure to work with them again. Though the kangaroo will be composited I went with a Digital games mentality, not using excessive polys and noting contours and quad polys.

Created in Maya.

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