Sunday, 7 June 2009

Model: Major Production, Whale AirShip

The last element of my Major Production, again, taking around a month from start to finish. (1 week to model, 2nd week for the balloon and main structure, 3rd week for the cabin and the last week was for props and normal maps.) Again I found building the AirShip challenging and exciting and just like the Chinese TeaShop, the AirShip was filled with many different props and elements each requiring my attention and detail.

During this element I learned more techniques to add to my repetoire, such as rendering to texture for the planks of wood going along the under-hull of the balloon, aswell as enhancing my other skills such as time-keeping, material and texture manipulation and shading.

Just like the Teashop, I worked on the main focal points of the ship (such as the Balloon, largest area to be viewed, and the cabin, which arguably the player/audience would see the most and closest. I really enjoyed making this AirShip and glad that the final look totally exceeded my 2D drawings plans but my expectations, in fact I'm proud of all three creations, but the AirShip is my favourite.

I even set up the AirShip's pivots for that I could animate the propellers, ropes and cogs.
Inspired by Final Fantasy, Golden Compass and Stardust.

Made in 3DSM.

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